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The St. Patrick’s Pub Crawl idea was hatched in 1997 and officially began the following year in 1998 back at an apartment the hosts shared at 1510 Elk Grove in Bucktown.  The idea was to have a party in the morning and then an immediate pub crawl to follow on the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day to coincide with the downtown parade.  The original party in Bucktown was hosted by Mark O., Greg P., and Phil E. at their apartment, which then migrated over to the downtown parade for more partying.  For the next several years thereafter, the party would begin at one of the Host’s apartments, shift over to O’Callahan’s to watch the parade, head over to Cactus for some more partying, and finally work its way up North to places such as Kelley’s or McGee’s to end the night.  After starting the Pub Crawl at various apartments and condos, the party had grown and a different venue was necessary.  The group decided to have the morning party at The Union in 2002 and then made a change in 2003 to start the party at Rock Bottom Brewery.  In 2009 a bigger and more organized partnership for the morning party was needed so the group moved to House of Blues® Chicago and hosted the party there until 2011.  In 2012-2013 the group decided to take over a nightclub as they hosted the party at Excalibur Nightclub/Castle Chicago for two years.  The party has moved in a different direction in 2014 as it takes over Joe’s Bar with a live country band for the morning entertainment.  What started out as 60 people in 1998 has grown into over 600 people showing up for the morning party/drink special.

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